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July 23, 2016

Hey babes!

Welcome back to my blog! I’m very excited to introduce the new series “Tiki Travels”. This series will be like my very own travel diary, except I’m sharing it with all of you. I will share my experiences, photos, and honest opinion of the new place I visited. I am hoping that you will get to know me better through this series – my likes, dislikes, fears, and passions. I love to travel, and its something I had the privilege to do since I was a little girl. I hope this series inspires you to travel to the places you desire to go to someday.

I will be beginning this brand new series with my most recent trip to Detroit, Michigan. Just one week ago, I visited my mom’s hometown not too far away from the busy city. Today, the city continues to be frowned upon because of its abrupt downfall that happened more than a decade ago. Besides the slow rebuilding of downtown, the city is still a ghost town. In order to get to the beautiful parts of the city, you must go through the bad. Like every city in America, it has it’s areas that need lots of help but the city of Detroit is a whole nother situation. Seeing the abandoned houses with botched windows and doors and driving on the bumpy roads really made me appreciate my life back home. The city continues to do the same construction on the same highways from the last time I visited, which was two years ago. Nothing is improving, it’s merely getting worse.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of stuff that I absolutely adore about the city. I love the busy, city life persona and the diverse environment. To be completely honest the thing I love the most, not just in Detroit, but up north in general is the FOOD! This time around, we ate at a lot of new restaurants. I ate the best grilled cheese that I’ve ever had at Coney Island and a seafood deep dish pizza at Pizza Papalis. I’m a very picky eater and I don’t like to try new things, but recently I’ve been trying to break that habit….starting with that seafood pizza, which I’ll never eat again. I like the actual place Pizza Papalis, but I do not recommend the seafood pizza. Throughout the entire trip I sipped on my absolute fav ginger rale, Vernors. And of course, I got a Slurpee from 7 Eleven.

Besides indulging in some good food, I visited family and did a little shopping. Because I am my mother’s child I grew up loving to go to boutiques. We went to Royal Oak which we know to have lots of boutiques, and were disappointed to see it flooded with eateries. I was looking forward to window shopping in Royal Oak, but now there’s very little boutiques. I still recommend visiting the area, just not for shopping. We still had the urge to shop, and went to Oakland Mall. I got a few pieces from Forever 21 and Victoria Secret. I think you should always visit malls in a different city. Even though you might see the same stores, mass retailers always sell different or more of their merchandise at certain stores. It all depends on the location and how much money is coming in from that particular store or area. In addition, I was able to enjoy the environment. We walked along the Detroit RiverWalk and went to Greek town.

Here’s a few pics that sum up my trip:

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Thank you so much for reading! Let me know whether I should continue this series by leaving a comment or liking this post. Don’t forget to follow my vlog via email or through WordPress to be notified whenever I post! It would really mean a lot.

XOXO, Tiki ♥

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  • Crystal Clark August 1, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    I enjoyed reading about your trip to Detroit. Continue to post your travel blogs and show lots of pictures. I love to travel so I am always looking for places to go and what to do.

    • callmetiki August 1, 2016 at 10:48 pm

      Aw thank you. I will definitely continue my travel series.

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