DIY Spa Night

October 23, 2016

Hey babes! 

Spa nights are a great way to unwind. Of course, not all of us have the luxury of visiting a spa whenever we want. As a teenager, I have to come up with dupes for everything since I’m constantly on a budget. Over the years, I came up with different ways to create the perfect spa night and I’ll be sharing them with you! You can find everything needed for this DIY at the end of this post. 

First, I like to create a playlist. You can find a variety of spa music on different outlets such as: Apple Music and Spotify. I love listening to spa music because it creates that same sense of feeling you would get at a spa; soothing and relaxing! Next, I suggest you organize everything into different stations such as: nail station, skin care station, and more. This will help you have direction throughout your spa night. 

Personally, the climax of my spa night is taking my bath. If that is the same for you, I suggest you remove any remaining makeup or nail polish before you hop into your bath. Make your bath fun by adding in a bath bomb from Lush, we all know these are the best things since sliced bread! While you’re running your bath, light some candles. This couldn’t help set the mood any better! Next, I suggest you go to your skincare station and do your usual night time routine (if you have one) but you should change up by adding a mask to the mix. Lately, I’ve been into sheet masks. My favorites are by TonyMoly (sold at Ulta) they are the best and it leaves your skin feeling radiant. 

Hop into your bath, play that playlist that you created earlier, and RELAX! Once you’re finished, move onto your nail station and paint your nails. While I do my nails, I like to watch some romantic movies on Netflix and call it a night! 

Things Needed for DIY Spa Night: 

  • Relaxing Music Playlist 
  • Bath Bomb
  • Mask
  • Nail Polish 

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                                                               XOXO, Tiki

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