Day in the Life: Beach Edition

April 20, 2017

Hey babes! 

This year, I took advantage of my spring break by sleeping in and doing some spring cleaning! I wanted to finish it off on a high note by spending a day at the beach with my mom and best friend. Continue reading to find out what I did…..

After our exciting and invigorating car ride, we arrived at Carolina Beach! We ate a delicious brunch snack at Wake n Bake Donuts. To keep my review short and simple, it has a variety of options and it’s perfect for those of you who LOVE sugar. 

We headed to the beach and ate a quick lunch. Next, we set up camp and took some pictures near the waves. There is nothing like the ocean breeze; school has been super stressful lately and being able to unwind was MUCH NEEDED! We played some volleyball, listened to some of our fav songs from American Teen by Khalid, and played with filters on Snapchat! 

Afterward, we packed up and walked along the boardwalk. While my mom waited for the infamous Britts Donuts, my bestie and I bought some souvenirs! To end the day, we ate some hot, fresh, airy Britts donuts. I know what your thinking, more doughnuts…..but to be completely honest…..#sorrynotsorry! 

Take a look through the following photos to give you a visual of my day: 

Reflection: I absolutely loved how everything was set up at Carolina Beach. The boardwalk and close proximity of shops and restaurants made me enjoy my experience even more. Being able to spend a relaxing day with my two best friends made this day perfecto! 

Thank you so much for reading! Please like and comment, it’d be greatly appreciated! Excited for the summer and being able to do more frequent posts!  

                                                                        XOXO, Tiki

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  • Kim D April 22, 2017 at 3:37 am

    Glad you had a great time! Great pics!

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